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Marketing technology to transform your property sales and management.

Posted in Real Estate
29 Apr 2021
Marketing technology to transform your property sales and management. Photo

Timms the first in Adelaide to launch new real estate technology.

Timms proudly launches our new website and we’re pleased to announce we’re the first in Adelaide to harnesses Diakrit, a new software popularly used on Channel 9’s The Block, presenting property like you’ve never seen before.

They say innovation is imagining the future and seeing the gaps.

Timms Real Estate has done just that with the launch of our new website that’s best feature now allows us to present real estate images like no one in Adelaide real estate can.

We have partnered with Diakrit, the world’s leading real estate technology company, to launch our cloud-based visualisation tools which give buyers and prospective tenants a new way to experience your property.

It’s a new innovation, popularly used for the sale of property on Channel’s 9’s The Block, which you can see on our link here.

Here’s more about how Timms improves the digital search experience by showcasing properties better than anyone in the market.

Interactivity with images and video is now the leading digital experience in property marketing.

We now have the power to help prospective buyers imagine themselves more easily in your home with an ability to manipulate and interact with your photos and your floor plan.

For example, we can now offer a photo styling feature to your photos. Prospective buyers can tap on your photos and drag and drop in different colours and textures so they can imagine renovations they can do to your kitchen, bathroom or living room.

Want to help prospective buyers or tenants understand the size of your home and how well their furniture will fit in? We can help them do that by hosting an interactive floorplan where they can drag and drop in images of furniture that is the right size to suit their own.

You can even edit the floorplan by removing or moving walls to create your own unique design.

Click here to see Timms' new presentation features. 

Better videos just for social media marketing.

Timms has already had excellent success with our digital Web Inspect multimedia marketing system that is distributed directly to our target audience on the best social media channels.

We have now enhanced that experience with beautiful short clip videos that are designed in the right format for easy play and scrolling using smartphones.

These are created just for smartphones and are easy to share. They feature a photo slideshow of the property including detailed information about the home and a beautiful musical score.

Our new website enhances the professional experience of visitors.

Marketing technology to transform your property sales and management.

We’re in the business of helping people feel at home. That’s also important in the digital world.

It’s critical to make anyone feel comfortable when they visit a website and Timms has now made our community of thousands who visit our website weekly feel more at home than ever.

Our intuitive search functions help guide prospective buyers and tenants to the properties in their suburbs that match their needs.

We feel we’ve offered just the right amount of information that answers your questions and leads everyone easily to the answers they seek about our properties, our staff, our service and our brand.

Since you’re here, take a look around. Welcome! Visit our tips sections to help you on your Adelaide real estate journey.

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