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The untold secret. What real estate buyers and tenants are really looking for?

Posted in Liveability
01 Apr 2021
The untold secret. What real estate buyers and tenants are really looking for? Photo

Here Timms Real Estate shares the secret ingredient which Adelaide buyers and tenants look for but other real estate agents might not be trained to notice.

Have you heard of a little thing called Liveability? Many real estate agents may not mention the word to you. That is because only not all industry experts are trained in the concept.

To us it is one of the most sensible industry initiatives, which now shapes our conversations with buyers and prospective tenants. It helps us answer their questions and guide their positive conclusions about the properties we show them.

In this blog we explain what the Liveability of a home is and why Timms Real Estate has chosen to lead the Adelaide real estate industry by training our sales team and property managers on Liveability measures.

What does the ‘Liveability’ of a home mean?
As you might predict perhaps, the Liveability of a home is an overall measure of a home’s livability. A collection of 17 measures have been formalised that explain what buyers and tenants consider important when considering a home to live in.

What do buyers and tenants most look for in the Liveability of a home?
Liveability features are property features which offer the potential for reduced running costs and increased comfort if used correctly by the occupants.

High on the list are inclusions like insulation and solar power. Efficient hot water, heating, cooling, and lighting technology is also important. These things can add thousands to the value of a home.

How can Timms help to point out, improve and make the most of these features for sale and rental listings?
The Timms team are Liveability Real Estate Specialists. We are trained to understand what the Liveability features are, how to recognise them and know why they are important to unlock the hidden value of a home.

With a keen eye for these features, we can guide homeowners and landlords to improve their homes which can directly lead to increasing the value for sale and tenancy.

Our knowledge can also guide our discussions with those looking to buy or rent homes. We can point out these sellable qualities and have productive conversations to help people make better decisions around a home’s value.

To help you better understand and unlock the true value of your home, please call on 84716100.

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